Day trip to Vaishali


Pick up from your hotel in Patna and drive towards Vaishali that is 56 km from Patna.


Arrives Vaishali. Upon arrival, sightseeing of Vaishali Starts.


Vaishali is a small town but it has a great tourism potential due to its association with the Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira. According to the past history when Patliputra was the capital of Mauryas and Guptas , Vaishali flourished as the potential center for trade and commerce. It is also believed that Vaishali had witnessed the first democratic republic government with elected representatives in the world during 6th Century B.C. Vaishali is a significant place for Buddhist where Lord Buddha preached his last sermon before he died in Kushinagar around 483 BC. The last Jain Tirthankar, Lord Mahavir was also born here. Go through the major attractions to see in Vaishali day trip from Patna.

Ashokan Pillar

Often called as the Lion Pillar, 18.3 mt high, made of a highly polished single piece of red sandstone, erected by the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka to commemorate the site of Lord Buddha’s last sermon. The pillar is capped by the bell shaped capital and a life size statue of lion is placed on top of it on a sitting position facing north.

Abhishek Pushkarn (Coronation Tank)

The water of Coronation tank is said to have considered sacred during the reign of Mauryans. The water was used for anointing the elected representatives of Vaishali before they were sworn in. It is also called as Abhishek Pushkarn. You can also visit Lichchavi stupa located here.

Buddha Stupa I

One eighth of the sacred ashes of Lord Buddha were found here in stone casket. Exterior of the Stupa I is not in good condition.

Buddha Stupa II

Another casket containing the ashes of the Lord Buddha were found during the excavation at this site in 1958.


Kundalpur is a birth place of Lord Mahavira locates at 4 km from here. The Jain Tirthankar is said to have spent 22 years of his life here.

Vaishali Museum

Vaishali Museum exhibits some of the archaeological remains discovered here after excavation in and around Vaishali. Vaishali Museum was established in 1971 by the Archaeological survey of India to preserve the archaeological remains of historical significance. It is one of major tourist attractions of all here. Human figurines, plaque of Buddha, Bodhisattva plaques etc are put on display in the museum, were the findings after excavations in this area.




Drive back to Patna after exploration of Vaishali.


Arrives Patna. Upon arrival, drop at your hotel.

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