Day Trip to Mysore


Pick up from your hotel in Bangalore and drive to Mysore. Mysore is 140 km away from Bangalore takes 2 hours 30 minutes to reach Mysore. Though trains are also running between these two cities but road trip is also preferred by tourist. Shatabdi is a good train to journey with but departure time of Shatabdi train is at 11:00, takes two hours to reach. Take a break en-route at any good place to eat out and fresh-n-up.

You may visit en-route place called Channapatna (Toys Center). Spend some time here later move on to Mysore.


Reach Srirangapatna near Mysore. Upon arrival in Srirangapatna, city tour of Mysore starts. Visit major tourist attractions during the city tour.

Visit to Daria Daulat Palace, Bagh, Gumbaz and Fort at Srirangapatna:

Srirangapatna is a place located at a distance of 14 km from the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore. Tipu Sultan built this Palace I 1744, surrounded by beautiful garden called Dariya Daulat Bagh.there is a Tipu Sultan museum is also to see on the top floor. There is a mausoleum of Tippu Sultan, his father Hyder Ali and mother Fathima Begam surrounded by garden called Lalbagh. Fort is also worth seeing which was used by Tipu Sultan against British. Mosque and Ranganathan temple located inside the fort while outside there is a tomb called Gumbaz.

Visit to Sriranganatha Swamy Temple:

Sriranganatha swami temple is located in Srirangapatna dedicated to Lord Vishnu as Ranganatha. It is a 9th century temple. Architecture of the temple is notable as it is perfect blend of Hoysala and Vijayanagar styles.

Visit to St. Philomenas Church:

St.Philomenas church is one of the prime attractions Mysore, built in 1936 in the honor of Saint. Philomena. Architectural style is an identical to Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

Visit to Chamundeswari Temple:

Temple is located atop the Chamundi hills in Srirangapatna. Temple is dedicated to Goddess Chamudeswari, on e of the form of Durga. It is good place to visit as it has overlooking view of city. Lalitha Mahal Palace, Mysore Palace and racecourse are amongst the places can be seen from top of the Chamundi hills.


Move on to Mysore. Lunch at any good quality restaurants in Mysore. Later continue the sightseeing tour of Mysore.

Visit to Mysore Palace:

There are various palaces in Mysore and city is also referred as City of Palaces. But Mysore Palace refers to Amba Vilas Palace in the old fort. It was earlier an official residence of royal family of Mysore, had royal offices inside the Palace.

Visit to Brindavan Gardens:

It is a botanical park located at the Krishna Raja Sagara dam. There are lots of things to enjoy in the park such as musical fountains, biological research departments and one can take a boat ride under the dam as well.

After finishing the visits of major tourist attractions of Mysore, one can also visit some silk shops in Mysore before departure.

Visiting Halebid

Halebid or Halebidu was once the capital of Hoysala Empire, also known as Dwarasamudra located at a distance of just 15 km from Belur.

It has two famous Hindu temples in one platform here claimed the best example of Hoysala architecture dating back to 12th century. Name of the temples are Hoysaleswara temple and Kedareswara temple, both dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is lake also in front of the temples called Dwarasamudra, town gets its name from the lake. Temple complex is guarded by two big statues of Nandi Bull. Architecture and sculptures depicted on walls of Hoysala temple in the form of animals, birds and dancing figures is astounding.

Generally hoysala architecture not followed Square shape, they are using Star shape. It means you will find 64 corners in this temple & 108 pillars. Reason is they can accommodate more sculptures outside and inside the temple. We can see beautiful and bigger two nandi in this temple. If we go around the temple in three stage we can see the Durbar of Lord Shiva, the childhood plays of Bala Krishna, the fight between Karna and Arjuna the lifting of Govardhanagiri by Krishna Gajendramoksha on the western side and the shooting of Matsya Yantra. The story of Krishna and Arjuna can also be seen. The monkey army giving the ornaments to Sri Rama Chakra Vyuha Kote; Krishna and Arjuna getting down from the chariot and taking bath in the pond on hearing the death news of Abhimanyu. The demon King Ravana is lifting Kailasa Parvatha; these are all the important figures.


Drive back to the city of Bangalore. On arrival, drop at your hotel.

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