Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad


Bidar is located 147 km from from Hyderabad, famous for its Forts and ruines with rich historical significance. One day trip to Bidar is one of the best weekend getaways from Hyderabad. It is also showcasing Bidars increadible Bidri handicraft made out of metals.

Attractions of Bidar

The main attraction of Bidar town is the popular Bidar Fort where one can also enjoy visiting Gangan Mahal, Ranhin Mahal, Takhat Mahal, Chaubara and Solash Khamba Mosque within the Fort.

Besides other major attractions for tourists are Bahmani Tombs, Khwaja Mahmud Gawan Madrasa and Choukhandi. Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib, Papnash Shiva Temple and Narasimha Jhira Cave temple are also worth viting places in Bidar.

You can also enjoy shopping at free time and buy suvineiros such as hookahs, water jugs,candle sticks, cosmetic boxes and flower vases etc.


Warangal city is regarded as a cultural center of Andhra Pradesh, flocked by thousands of visitors round the year to see major tourist attractions like fortress, gardens and temples. The city was once ruled by the Kakatiya Dynasty from 12th to the 14th Centuries. They were responsible for building magnificent fortes, stone gateways, the Swayambhu temple dedicated to Hindu God Lord Shiva and Ramappa temple near Ramappa Lake.

Warangal is one of the most worthy weekend escapes from Hyderabad, which is located just 143 km away from Hyderabad, now a part of newly formed Telangana state. There are numerous tourist attractions showcasing the architectural brilliance of the city. These attractions make it a great weekend getaway around Hyderabad.

Attractions in Warangal

One of the most frequented and the historical Bhadrakali Temple, dedicated to the eight-handed goddess Bhadrakali, lies in heart of the city and has a huge lake nearby.

The magnificent Warangal Fort, with its massive stone gateways called Kakatiya Toranas and many pillars surrounding the Swayambhudevi Aalayam temple, is a must-visit attraction here.

Another very interesting attraction is the star-shaped Thousand Pillar Temple, which is an ancient heritage site that represents the sculptural beauty of Kakatiyan heritage.


Nagarjunasagar is famous for its 124 mt high dam constructed on the Krishna River and the isolated Nagarjunakonda. An ideal spot for one day trippers located 164 km away from Hyderabad. Buddhist monasteries can also be found here, which are said to have been relocated up here at Nagarjunas Hill. Nagarjunasagar is said to have been a capital of an old dynasty and the center of Buddhist teaching in South India.

Attractions in Nagarjunasagar

One of the main activities every travelers wish to do once reached here, is to enjoy the panoramic scenery around the dam. One can enjoy the steam boat ride on the lake created by Dam.

Apart from Dam, you can also go and see Nagarjuna Konda. One has to take a boat to reach this spot where Buddhist excavations have been relocated. Also enjoy the water falling from all the 26 gates of Dam from a height of over 100 meters. Monsoon is the best season to come here as all 26 gates remain open during this season only.


Nalgonda is one of the famous getaways located at a distance of 83 km from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. It is a small town got its name from Telgu words Nalla & Konda refer to Black & hill respectively. It offers some amazing attractions to the day trippers such as Parks, Dam, Forts and Buddhist monasteries.

Attractions in Nalgonda

The main attractions for visitors here is Nandikonda Village that houses ancient ruins of Buddhist monastery and pillared hall. Also visit to the Sri Laxminarsimha Swamy Temple and Chhaya Somalingeswara Temple.


Another magnificent escape located at 300 feet on the hillock and 60 km away by road from Hyderabad. Yadagirigutta is a significant Hindu temple dedicated to Narasimha Swamy. It is actually a cave temple having five forms of Narasimha which is realy fascinating. It is often called as Vedagiri because it si belived that Lord Vishnu is said to have kept all the Vedas here. The most famous Annual Brahmothsavams is held from for 11 days in Febrauary & March months every year.


Medak Church is 95 km from Hyderabad, regarded as the largest Church in Asia. It took 10 years to complete the construction of Cathedral built in Gothic style between 1914 and 1924. The The Church has some unique features to showcase such as its 175 feet high main tower, the capacity of cathedral is for 5000 people at a time, 3 stained glass window depicting the life of Jesus Christ and the tiles design are seen in six colours red, brown, black, yellow, chocolate and grey making it more attractive for the visitors.

Hollow sponge material was used to built the sound proof roof of the Church and window illustrating the birth scene of Jesus, angels, Prophet and Mary. One can also spot the paintings in bright colours depicting the Crucifixion and the ascension Jesus making this place worth seeing.

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