Haridwar day tour

Haridwar literally means THE DOOR OF GOD is one of the most significant holy places of India and considered the gateways to the mighty Himalaya. Haridwar is also renowned for hoisting the Kumbh Fair which is a largest congregation of Hindus in one festival. The city is visited by a large number of Hindus round the year to experience the holy river Ganges, sacred bathing Ghats, ancient temples, Ashrams and also witness various rituals by the Hindu pilgrims on the Ghats of river Ganges. The lives of many locals revolve around the river Ganges. Haridwar city day tour offers countless attractions to pilgrims as well as leisure tourist ranging from ancient temples, Ashrams, bathing Ghats, Nature walk and wildlife. It is believed that taking a dip in a holy river Ganges wash all your sins. Please go through some of the tourist attractions one can enjoy on a day trip in Haridwar.

Travelers also enjoy visiting temples, Ashrams such as Mansa Devi Temple, Chandi Devi Temple, Daksh Temple, Maya Devi Temple and Shantikunj Ashram. Visitors also participate in the auspicious Ganges Arti at Har-ki-Pauri.


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Har Ki Pauri
Har Ki Pauri is one of the main attractions in Haridwar. In the evening people perfume worship to goddess Ganga with earthen lamps, flowers and incense sticks at Har Ki Pauri.There is a place called Brahmakund at Har-ki-Pauri where divine nectar said to be fell from the pitcher. It is also the site of Kumbh Fair occurs in every 12 years. Evening Aarti is also performed here at this place by the river Ganges which is quite popular amongst the tourists.

Mansa Devi Temple
The temple is located atop the hill Bilwa and can be reached by cable roapway or on feet to the top. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mansa Devi. The statue of a main shrine has three faces with five arms. It offers a magnificent overlooking view of Haridwar city from the top.

Chandi Devi Temple
The temple is located on the top of Neel Parbat and has a birds eye view of the city. One can trek up to 3 km to get this place and also there is a cable car. It is believed that the main statue was established by Adi Shankaracharya in 8th Century. Chandi Devi temple was built by Suchat Singh, a King of Kashmir in 1929. It is a worth seeing place.

Maya Devi Temple
The temple is considered as one of the Shaktipithas of India. It is dedicated to Goddess Maya Devi, the Adhisthatri deity of Haridwar. The heart and navel of Goddess Sati are said to have fallen here from the sky when Lord Shiva was taking her corpse.

Bharatmata Temple
The temple is dedicated to India, referred as Mother India located almost 5 km from Haridwar city center. It was founded by Swami Satyamitranand Giri. It has eight floors which are stacked with great Saints, Deities and all heroes of Indian faith respectively. Building itself is partially a temple and partially acts as a nation building initiative that expresses of what nationalism in India stands for. This temple rises up to a height of 180 ft.

Bara Bazaar
On the north-side of the canal, between Har Ki Pauri and the Upper Road, is multi-colored Bara Bazaar. Along with the spiritual paraphernalia or prasaad (foodstuff offered to the gods, photos of the deities, religious pamphlets etc) are scores of tiny stalls crammed along both sides of bazaar selling an variety of goods including shawls, brassware, glass bangles, wooden whistles, bamboo canes and can baskets.

Evening Aarti at Har-ki-pauri
Ganga Aarti is the main event performed at har ki pauri every evening. Ganga Aarti means offering prayer to River Ganges, which is an ancient Hindu ritual offered to Gods. Every evening devotee gathers here for Ganga Aarti filled with holy song, prayer and oil lamps are also offered to the river Ganges make you feel incredible sense of divine. The essence of the aarti ceremony is that all day long God offers us light, the light of the sun, the light of life, and the light of His (Her) blessings. Aarti is a time when we say, Thank You, and we offer back the light of our thanks, the light of our love and the light of our devotion.

There are plenty significant religious spots to watch out for during Haridwar sightseeing tour such as Shantikunj, Bhimgoda Kund and Sapt Rishi Ashram.

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