Ajanta Ellora Day Trip


Pick up from you hotel in Aurangabad and drive towards Ajanta caves. Ajanta caves are located at 104 km and 3 hours drive from Aurangabad. Let us start an Ajanta Ellora Day Trip.


Arrives Ajanta Caves. Upon arrivals, Sightseeing of Ajanta caves start.

Ajanta Caves day trip:

Ajanta is known for its Buddhist rock-cut cave temples and monasteries including the magnificent paintings and sculptures dating back to 2nd century BCE to 480 or 650 CE. These caves are the masterpieces of Buddhist religious art, recognized by UNESCO World Heritage site. The Ajanta caves are cut into the side of the cliff on U-shaped gorge on riverine Waghur.

Total 30 caves were excavated in Ajanta between the 1st century BCE and the 7th century CE and are of two types, Chatya-grihas and Viharas. No.9,10,19,26 and 29 are Chaitya-griha (sanctuaries) and rest of the caves are Viharas (Monastries). The paintings on the walls at Ajanta illustrate the events of the life of Gautama Buddha and depicting popular stories of Jatakas. Guatama Buddha was the founder of Buddhism and the paintings depicting his life are done on the ground of mud-plaster in tempera technique. Ajanta caves are protected under Archaeological survey of India.

Timings for Ajanta Caves Visit

9.00 AM to 17.30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST).

Ajanta Caves remain closed on Monday.


After finishing the sightseeing of Ajanta Caves, drive to Ellora caves , which are located around 100 km North-West of the city of Aurangabad. It takes 2 hours 30 minutes to reach Ellora caves.


Arrives Ellora. Upon arrival, sightseeing of Ellora caves begins.

Ellora Caves day trip:

Ellora is an outstanding archaeological site, 30 km north-west of Aurangabad, renowned for a series of 34 rock-cut cave temples spread over 2 km. Ellora is a UNESCO world heritage site, contain Hindu, Jain and Buddhist caves excavated out of the vertical face of cliff at the edge of a Charanandri hills in a linear arrangement.

34 caves contain 12 Buddhist caves dating back to 500-750 AD, 17 Hindu caves between 600-870 AD and 5 Jain caves from 800-1000 AD built in proximity, illustrate the religious harmony during this period of Indian history. Caves are the perfect example of Indian rock-cut architecture. It is also a protected site under Archaeological Survey of India. Buddhist caves are the oldest of all contain Chaityas or hall of worship and Viharas or monasteries, which were used for study, meditation and religious rituals. 10 caves are Viaharas out of 12 Buddhist caves.

Timings for Ellora Caves Visit

9.00 AM to 17.30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST).

Ellora Caves remain closed on Tuesday.


After finishing the sightseeing of Ellora caves. Drive back to Aurangabad, which is 30 km from Ellora takes 01 hours to reach up.


Arrives Aurangabad, Upon arrival, drop at your hotel.

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