Day Trips from Trichy

Tiruchirapalli, popularly known as Trichy, is a city of Indian state of Tamilnadu. Trichy has glorious history dating back to third century BC and busy present, which fascinates travelers at very first look. It is also considered as the geographical center of Tamil Nadu, situated on the bank of river Kaveri. City offers many incredible temples like the Ranganathasswany temple at Srirangam and the Rock Fort temple. The city has been ruled by many Empires and dynasties from Cholas to Pandyas, Pallavas, Vijayanagar Empire and Nayak Dynasty who built the famous Rock Fort temple in seventeenth century. Trichy is also a gateway for international travelers to south India. Trichy is served by the international airport and there are direct flights to Trichy from south East Asia and Middle East. The city is famous for artificial diamonds, cigars, handloom cloth, glass bangles and wooden and clay toys. Trichy is also a hub for day trippers as there are various places can be covered on a

day tour from Trichy

by road

Day Trip to Madurai
Madurai is 137 km from Trichy and takes 3 hours to reach by road. On a

Trichy to Madurai day trip

, main attraction is Meenakshi Temple.Sree Meenakshi Amman Temple is regarded one of the most famous temples in South India, dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. It extends beyond 6 hectares of land and named after goddess Parvati. The temple was built by Kulasekara Pandya in the pre-Christian era, the temple was in ruins before it was rebuilt by Tirumalai Nayak.The temple is known for its beautiful architecture and has 12 gateways (Gopurams), which are 45 to 50 meters in height.

Day Trip to Thanjavur
Formerly known as Tanjore, is an important tourist destination of Tamilnadu. The major source of revenue comes from tourism and service oriented industry, while the traditional occupation is agriculture. Thanjavur is often called as the capital of Cholas. Though, city has been ruled by Cholas, Nayaks and Marathas, but the city flourished as the center of knowledge and culture between 10th and 14th centuries under the reign of the Cholas.

Day Trip to Velankanni
Velankanni is a small town situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal at a distance of 12 km south of Nagapattinam. It is one of the most visited pilgrim centers and a prominent tourist destination. It was once the commercial center of trade in this region, a port that traded with countries like Rome and Greece. Town has the prominent Roman Catholic shrine dedicated to lady of health. People from all walks of life irrespective of religion, caste come here to respect to the great lady. Velankanni beach is also frequented by beach lovers on a Velankanni day trip.

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Day Trips from Trichy