Day Trip to Thanjavur

06:00 Hrs
Pick up from your hotel and drive towards Thanjavur, also known as the bowl of rice. Thanjavur is 57 km away from Trichy and takes one and a half hours to cover this distance by road.

About Thanjavur :
Formerly known as Tanjore, is an important tourist destination of Tamilnadu. The major source of revenue comes from tourism and service oriented industry, while the traditional occupation is agriculture. Thanjavur is often called as the capital of Cholas. Though, city has been ruled by Cholas, Nayaks and Marathas, but the city flourished as the center of knowledge and culture between 10th and 14th centuries under the reign of the Cholas. Must see things on

Thanjavur day trip

include Brihadeswara temple and marvelous Tanjore paintings.

07:30 Hrs
Arrives Thanjavur. Upon arrival, after refreshment, go for

sightseeing of Thanjavur


Brihadeshwara Temple
Also known as the Big temple in Thanjavur, is the Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Siva. Brihadeshwara temple is the finest example of Tamil architecture built during Chola dynasty. The temple also comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was established in 1011 AD by Raja raja Chola I in celebration of victory of Chola kingdom. It is regarded one of the most magnificent architecture of Chola Era, which attracts pilgrims, tourists and architecture enthusiasts in huge numbers. The temple is a must see when you are in Thanjavur.

Thanjavur Royal Palace
One of the most attractive places to see in Thanjavur. The royal palace of Thanjavur is situated within the Vijayanagar Fort complex. It was earlier the residence of the Nayak Kings of Thanjavur. The construction of the palace started in 16th Century by Nayaks . It was later completed by Marathas in 17th century and also became of the seat of Maratha rulers of Thanjavur. It exhibits the Royal museum, Nayak Hall, built by the Nayaks, house Thanjavur Art Gallery, where various Thanjavur artifacts belonging to the period of Cholas are displayed. Durbar Hall, built by the Marathas, displays a throne canopy decorated in Thanjavur styled mirror-glass works. Serfoji's Saraswati Mahal Library, situated adjacent to the Nayak Hall, very old manuscripts mostly in Tamil and Sanskrit.

14:00 Hrs :
Lunch at any good restaurant. After lunch, continue sightseeing.

Art Gallery
Thanjavur art gallery is housed within the Thanjavur Royal Palace in the Nayak Hall is one of the major attractions of Thanjavur. It has an impressive collection of around 150 Chola bronze statue and 150 stone statues and idol belonging to Chola reign between 8th and 9th centuries. It also exhibits bronze statues of Pallava period, murals, paintings, sculptures and other artifacts that can be dated to the period in between 8th to 18th centuries.
Timings : 09:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00 (closed on holidays)

Gangaikondam Cholapuram
The temple was built by Rajendra Chola, the son of Raja Raja Chola in the early 11th century, lies next to Kumbakonam. Temple is a masterpiece of Chola architecture, stands next to the incredible Brihadisvara temple at Thanjavur. Temple is famous for having the biggest Shivalingam in southern part of India. The sanctum sanctorum holds the four meter high lingam of Lord Shiva. Gangaikondacholapuram has been plundered for several times, but the architectural and sculptural wealth remained alive. The structure has been designed in a manner that at any given point of time, the sun-light shall fall directly on the idol of main deity. The influence of Chalukyas is also reflected from the icons of 'Suryapita' (Sun worship) and 'Navagrahs' (Nine planets).

Vijayanagar Fort
Vijayanagar Fort is one of the most historic monuments of Thanjavur, situated just 2 km from the magnificent Brihadisvara temple. It was built by Nayaks and later by Maratha rulers in early 1550 AD. The fort houses Siva Ganga Garden, Sangeetha Mahal, Saraswathi Mahal Library and an art gallery with collections of sculptures and paintings.

19:00 Hrs
After finishing the sightseeing of Thanjavur, Drive back to Trichy.

20:30 Hrs
Arrives Trichy. Upon arrival, drop at your hotel.

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Day Trip to Thanjavur