Day Trips from Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is the capital of eastern Indian state of Odisha (formerly Orissa), also known as a Temple city of India (houses more than 600 temples). Some of the prominent temples of the city are Lingaraj Temple, Rajarani, Ananta Vasudeva and Muktesvara Temple. Most of the temples in Bhubaneswar are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Day trip to Puri and Konark

is the most frequented excursions from Bhubaneswar by day trippers. By touring these three historical cities of Odisha, it forms a very popular

golden triangle of eastern India

, which is the most visited tourist circuit in this region. Bhubaneswar was made capital of the state in 1948. Cuttack was the former capital of Odisha since 12 century CE. Old city bagged the history of more than 2000 years but the modern city of Bhubaneswar was designed by German architect Otto Konigsberger in 1946, who was also an architect of Chandigarh city. It was the first planned city of modern India. The city is the mix of ancient beliefs and contemporary culture. There are many beautiful sights and things to do in and around Bhubaneswar. Please go through some of the

best day trips from Bhubaneswar

mentioning below:

Day Trip to Puri and Konark
Puri is also known as Jagannath Puri, derived this name from the 11th century Jagannath Temple in the city. Puri is renowned world over for the Jagannath temple, which is also one of the four Dhams of India. It is one of the most significant sacred shrines for Hindus in India, dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple is located at a distance of 60 km from Bhubaneswar, on the coast of Bay of Bengal, and is greatly revered by the devotees following the Vaishnava traditions.

Day Trip to Chilka Lake
A brackish water lake spreading an area of over 1100 near Puri in Odisha, Chilka Lake is Asia’s largest salt water lagoon flowing into the Bay of Bengal attracts thousands of tourist every year to enjoy fishing, bird watching and boating. It has acquired an international recognition as a tourist spot that is the second largest lagoon in the world.

Bhubaneswar City Day Tour
Bhubaneswar city day tour includes the visits of Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, Lingaraj Temple, Rajarani Temple and Mukteswar temple. During the sightseeing, one can go and explore the city by his or her own by strolling down the old city and marteks.

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Day Trips from Bhubaneswar